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I show quiet guys how to master sex, dating, and relationships with women.


I'm Mario.

I’m a 39-year-old blogger from California.

I'm a very introverted man (INTJ) - I crave my alone time.

But I also really love women!

So I started dating girls early, way back when I was just 13…

I never got married though.

And I’m still dating women today.

So that means I’ve got tons of experience with females - almost 25 years in the game!

I’ve dated girls from all over the world.

And I’ve had all kinds of relationships:

  • Long-term monogamous girlfriends
  • Harems
  • Casual flings
  • Sex-buddies
  • One-night stands
  • Very young girlfriends (18-23)

I’ve pulled those girls using a wide variety of methods, including:

  • Online game
  • Day game
  • Social circle game
  • Night game
  • Social proof game

You get the picture.

Please understand - I’m not telling you all of this to brag!

It's because I want you to understand my qualifications.

My experience means I have tons of knowledge when it comes to dating, game, sex, relationships, and women.

And YOU can tap into that treasure trove, my introverted friend, and use it to super-charge your results with the ladies...

Sound good?

Then let’s get started!!

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How can I help you?

  • More Sex

    Get more sex than you can handle.

  • Better Women

    Attract hotter, higher-quality girls.

  • Stronger Relationships

    Build rock-solid long-term relationships.

  • Younger Women

    Successfully date women much younger than you.

  • Master Online Dating

    Find pretty girls online, quickly & efficiently.

  • Harem Managment

    Learn to date more than one woman at once.

  • Get One-Night Stands

    Master the art of the one-night-stand.

  • Get A Girlfriend

    Prefer monogamy? Lock-in a loyal, loving girlfriend.

Check Out What Other Men Are Saying About MFNET Consulting...

One look at me and few would believe I’m the type of person who would approach random strangers on the Internet to help with their sex lives. As a 21-year-old competitive D1 athlete with access to females in the “prime” of sexual market availability, I have no misgivings admitting that my lack of success with the fairer sex stems from my own cowardice. After yet another night of successfully getting a girl to get into my bed, I lacked the initiative and wherewithal to make my move. While she slept, I spent that entire night perusing and immediately identified and agreed with Mario’s philosophies. I never thought I would be a person to purchase a book named “Red Pill Orgasm.” I even used a gift card to purchase to ensure my mom would never know about my purchase. That $27 purchase would lead to some of the greatest written advice I would ever come across. However, I’m not here to talk about the merits of RPO that can be found my various authors across the Manosphere. I initially had some questions after reading his book, so I emailed him to ask a few question for clarification purposes. Not only did he email me back within 24 hours, Mario went one step further and offered a Skype consultation. I cannot put into words my level of gratitude. The Skype call was about 30 min, and I cannot stress how extremely comfortable Mario made me feel, and how knowledgeable he comes across. The first 5 – 10 min was classic “shootin-the-shit” getting to feel each other vibes and I was relieved that he came across as “normal,” which to be honest was my biggest reservation. After, I had one of the most insightful conversations. I grew up in a sheltered, religious background and had no older siblings to teach me the workings of sex. I literally learned everything I knew from Cosmo and Ask Men, and learning from Mario was like seeing color while before I could only see in Black n’ White. While my praise may seem a little hyperbolic, I would like to stress the degree to which our talk helped me. What I appreciated most though was getting permission. I have always felt it’s weird to want to get a good blowjob or want to have a great sexual relationship, but I always felt reserved but talking to someone who’s been through it and knows that it’s ok to act on your sexual desires was relieving to say the least. To anyone who has questions about sex or regarding male-female interactions, look no further than Mario Favela. This man is legit, and I know who to call if any other questions should arise.

Zach M.
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